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We were Invited to pitch our camp among
them and that night the Crows and the half-
breeds held two big dances, to celebrate the
meeting of all of these stranger Indians and the

While they were dancing we boys noticed two
white boys with long hair dancing with the
Indians. They acted like Indians and talked
only Indlan5 yet they were white. We young-
sters watched them, and we noticed that one of
them was with the Crows and the other with the
half-breeds, and that they were both watching
one another. We boys were interested in this
unusual thing; for they were about the first white-
skinned boys that we had ever had a good look at.
We never took our eyes off them, and soon we
discovered that they did not know one another;
we could tell by the shy way in which they kept
glancing at one another during the dance.

After awhile, when one of the long dances
ended, we saw the white boy who was with the
Crows walk over to the other white boy and say
something to hirn5 and the boy answered him In
the sign language, which we could all understand.
By this time we had interested our mothers in
these two boys, and they9 too, watched them.

In the sign language the boy with the half-
breed hunters replied to the white boy of the